Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes! All we deal with is very bad credit. Multiple repos, short job time and horrible credit scores are all are issues we can help with!
A: Our average customer has been turned down by 4 other dealers, yes 4!  Everyone’s situation is different so we can’t guarantee it without going through the process but let our thousands of 5 star reviews speak for themselves.  We can’t make money unless we sell you a car!
A: Yes, as long as you’ve got your first paystub, you qualify!
A: Between your job and all other sources of provable income, you need to make at least $1,400 a month (or about $8.00 an hour)
A: Identification (ID card, license, out of state ID), Proof of income (paystub, SSI, bank statements, PayPal statement, etc), Proof of residence (bill in your name, junk mail, anything going to the address you live at). That’s it!
A: Yes, over 50% of our customers buy with that much down.
A: It’s all based on budget, if you only qualify for a $250 payment but want a more expensive car, you may need some more down to qualify for it.
A: Unlike most buy here pay here dealers, our cars are newer with lower mileage.  None of our vehicles are salvage, have odometer issues, are flood damage or have any title issues.  We have all makes and models: Malibu’s, Impalas, Escalades, Altima’s, Chargers, CRV’s, Jaguars, Audi’s, Hummer’s, Sentra’s, you name it! We have over 100 cars, trucks, vans etc. Go online and check us out at
A: We have normal cars- no salvage, title issues or insane miles.
A: We have a range of about 10 years, from around 2007 to 2017’s
A: We have a unique relationship with private lending institutions that sell clumps of car loans to investors. This arrangement means they have much more leeway on who they loan to and the terms of those loans.  Most dealers that do deep subprime use Buy Here Pay Here only, but our independent lenders have much looser financing standards than any lot ever could.  The benefits for you are like a normal bank with online payments, reporting to your credit bureau, lower interest rates and lower down payments.  It’s win-win.
A: The payments are from 15-20% of your income. So, if you make $2,000 a month, you are looking at a $300 payment.
A: People with fake paystubs, who can’t prove where they live, have no proof of income, and people who don’t live in Nevada, California, Utah, or Arizona.
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