Our Dealership

Auto Mart is a unique dealership specialized in "second chance" car loans.  Our dealership has a team of finance managers with over 25 years in business and contacts in dozens of banks and credit unions nation wide to get you the car you need.

Why should you purchase a pre-owned vehicle from Auto Mart?

Unlike most dealers we do not rely on "Buy here, pay here" financing.  Most dealers do not have the connections, experience or ability to get someone with severely damaged credit a loan through a traditional bank.  All our loans are through a real bank, you loan is paid directly to that bank.

Why is financing through a bank better than buy here, pay here?

Banks report to your credit bureau, buy here, pay here is not required to.  Your making your payments, you deserve to get credit for making them!

The bank protects you!  Salvage cars, flood damaged cars, price gouging etc cannot happen with a bank, they wont allow it.

A bank loan is a lower payment.  Even a high interest bank loan will be a much lower payment on a nicer car than the best buy here, pay here lot.  

Much lower down payments!  Buy here, pay here usually requires you to put down what they bought the car for, your making payments on their profit, with a bank you can get financed with as little as $500 down, even with bad credit!

This sounds great but my credit is to bad for a real bank.

Not true!  Multiple repossessions, multiple bankruptcies, no drivers license, paid under the table, low income, etc.  None of these will stop us from getting you a loan. 

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